Buyer beware.

Bargain | Trailer Logo GFX
Bargain | Trailer Logo Design
Bargain | Trailer Logo Design

We partnered with Paramount to bring the hit Korean dystopian thriller BARGAIN to a global audience through Paramount+. The challenge here was creating polished, dynamic graphics that could communicate the show’s unique tone without sacrificing any of the macabre sophistication that made Bargain one of the most acclaimed international IP’s in recent years.


Font: Pressio

The Bargain logo is a statement. Stark and unflinching, it lures the viewer in with a direct stare and a dark bravado. The color exploration initially began with a foreboding red before pivoting to a near neon green. Both color and form work together to create a visually striking tone of urgency and purpose. The font palette is somewhat complicated by the subtle ornate green pattern, inviting comedic notes that distinguish Bargain from other titles in the genre.


The visual profile is further complicated by the animation, which evokes the series’ defining emotional experience of dread and entrapment. Animation slices through the exterior, warning the viewer of the disturbing and deadly reality contained within. The title lurches forward as subtle gaps continue to manifest and segment the letterforms.


Like the Main Title, the internal cards stare back at the viewer brazen and unsettling. The oversized, stacked layout ignites a visual tension that only grows as the trailer progresses. As the narrative reaches its climax, graphics hit a turning point and colors invert. A small line threads through the letters, increasing our feeling of unease, and driving us to Main Title.


Large vertical text teases the tagline “BUYER BECOMES PRODUCT”. The graphics shift and slide to reveal footage, building suspense, before transitioning to the Main Title/date. The size and layout of the graphics invite engagement. The viewer is conscripted to take a closer look, maybe even tilt their head (or their phone) to decode the message, immersing us in a sinister game that somewhat mimics the world of the series itself.

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