The Martian x Under Armour

Under Armor
Official training partner of the Ares Program.
The Martian | Prologue Campaign | 3AM
The Martian x Under Armour

What if a Martian was treated like an athlete? That’s the question that Under Armour and The Martian answered for this campaign. This faux astronaut “sponsorship” yielded limited edition merch, and a broadcast tv endorsement. The campaign also included original content featuring Matt Damon, and a fake protest campaign that showed concerned citizens pressuring the space program to Bring the lost Martian back home.

To launch The Martian, we worked with 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott to design an original narrative that would tell the story of the mission from the public's point of view. Our goal was simple: Bring the world to life with the same cultural noise of the Cold War-era space race.

The Martian wanted to introduce its story to mainstream audiences through partnerships that were organic, impactful and added credibility to Mark Watney's journey of survival. Under Armour wanted a new way to deliver on their efforts to associate the brand with the most committed athletes on the planet. Together, we created a first-of-its-kind partnership that presented The Martian astronaut, Mark Watney, as the superathlete of the future.

We partnered with pop culture's favorite scientist to create a mini-episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk from the year 2035, featuring a science-based breakdown of The Martian’s dangerous mission to Mars. "Ares: Our Greatest Adventure" was launched primetime on National Geographic Channel, alongside a comprehensive social program with Neil and Star Talk.

The response was overwhelming, with audiences and press praising the campaign's creativity and applauding the authenticity of the promotional effort.

The Martian | “Ares: Our Greatest Adventure” | 3AM
The Martian x Under Armour | Official Training Partner | 3AM
The Martian | "Ares 3 Farewell" | 3AM