Alien: Covenant | Brand Partnerships

20th Century Fox
Unleashing the Xenomorph into new territory.
Alien: Covenant | Campaign Case Study | 3AM
Alien: Covenant | Brand Partnerships

With Alien: Covenant, we challenged ourselves to find unexpected brand partners. Our first-of-its-kind Alien campaign allowed fans to step inside the world via real brand partnerships with Audi, and branded content with Rick and Morty. 

Early conversations with Audi identified their lunar quattro—an actual functioning rover that will be sent to the moon—as an interesting starting point for a partnership. We worked together with Audi, Fox, and the filmmakers to include the Rover in the feature film, and build a campaign surrounding its integration.

And to reach new audiences, we worked with Fox, Adult Swim, and the creators of Rick & Morty to create an unexpected crossover spot poking fun at Alien tropes.

Alien: Covenant x Audi | “Exploring the Unknown” | 3AM
Alien: Covenant x Rick and Morty | 3AM
Alien: Covenant | In Utero VR (AMD) | 3AM